6th edition of the biggest Croatian Erasmus Event placed on Pag
Sudionici su imali priliku poslušati niz radionica i predavanja raznih poslovnih vještina.
Sastanak svih lokalnih članova i koordinatora ESN-a Split
Niz radionica i predavanja o volontiranju i poslovnim vještinama
What does it mean to be socially inclusive? Find out in our article and bring more to your local society! :)
See how sections of ESN Croatia made the #galaSTic theme come true from 9th to 11th November!
From 24th to 26th November ESN Zagreb hosted members of all six sections of ESN Croatia, on their 11th National Platform.
ESN Split works hard to bring the best to the students who had chosen our city as the place to spend a part of their lives in.
ESN Split organized its Welcome week to wish a warm welcome to Erasmus students of the winter semester of 2017.