From 9th to 11th November ESN Split hosted the 13th National Platform where all sections of ESN Croatia gathered to discuss some important topics for the network but also to participate in educational workshops, presentations and social activities. ESN Split as the host had the goal of making this platform memorable with our #galaSTic theme.

*galaSTic means a fashionable way of life

These three days were all about sharing knowledge cause 'sharing is caring', learning and gaining new skills in a true family atmosphere filled with laughter, support and positive vibes.


Since one of the official hashtags of the platform was #pomalo, Friday started easy. After the opening ceremony, all participants were presented with the rules and culture of speaking and behaving inside ESN.  Our National Board was in charge of the talk about ESN Committees and our members from different sections prepared reports from international events they've been to. They managed to encourage everyone to make the move and participate in some event by themselves. The speech of our president Matea pointed up the importance of the voting at the upcoming European elections #thistimeimvoting . International updates were part of agenda to inform the members about all novelties that are happening at the moment. Yes trips held a presentation about epic European trips for students and students' associations and made everyone rethink our bucket list. The end of the day was reserved for teambuilding at CROdinner with delicious food and dance.


On the second day, we were early birds so we started with work at 9 a.m. with the Pozega candidacy for ESN. After their presentation, National Board and external associates gave the report about their work. The second day was full of „Q&A" in order to discuss the work of each section, sharing examples of positive practice, giving suggestions, but also criticism. All in all, sections and all members had the great opportunity to exchange ideas to improve their work. Afternoon workshops also helped to achieve the goal of adopting new knowledge and skills. ESN review is the topic that is important for the work of the whole organization so our leaders took care that every member is properly informed about it. Gala Night Party was there to contribute to the #galaSTic theme, to dress up and have a blast.


Sunday was really a funday because, after a vibrant night out, it was time for STARawards for the best of the best and ESN Split managed to collect 3 of them. The president of ESN Rijeka presented next National Platform that will be a true #RIvolution.  In the end, the conference was closed by our President and all of us left in good spirit and hope that we will see each other again in Rijeka. Also, we left little more motivated for life in general because after spending 3 days with young volunteers, one cannot escape the feeling that we are the ones that can really change the world. Sometimes, we all need a little inspiration and the National Platform is the right place to find it.

Of course, without our capable Organisation Commitee none of this would have been possible so huge thanks to each of you, as well as the participants and volunteers. It is impossible to skip our special sponors and partners: GetByBus, Zenta Club, Mushroomcups, Centar Plesa, Goli & Bosi Design Hostel, Studentski Centar Split, Red Bull, FESB and Cistoca Split; we truly appreciate your help.

written by:

Gabriela Marin

active member of ESN Split