So, you are already in town for a few weeks and you already know all the city highlights, hidden gems and of course, all the places to party.

There is still one important thing to learn and it is what and where to eat in Split! Do not miss out on tasting local food, because you know what they say: Good food is a good mood, so let’s get started!


What to eat in Split

Everybody knows that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world, and in this case, healthy doesn’t mean boring and bland. Dalmatian cuisine includes the best Mediterranean recipes with a lot of fish, vegetables and olive oil with a sense of Dalmatia, or Croatia added in it. Simply ingredients are combined into most delicious dishes which are a flawless blend of traditional and modern cuisine.

Must eat:

  • Grilled fish - All restaurants on the coast serve this dish. Even though it doesn’t sound like anything special, if you think about that the fish is fresh and delivered to the restaurant by the fisherman himself, later it is seasoned with locally made olive oil and herbs and then expertly grilled, it really is tempting.

  • Black Risotto - This authentic dish got the name from the cuttlefish ink which paints it in black color. Even if it is black, it is believed to be a natural antidepressant so enjoy the dish with the big smile on your face.

  • Brudet - A sea stew made with all sorts of seafood and fish, cooked with some quality wine. Simple ingredients with a special, and secret way of cooking will make you think of how could you live without it until now.

  • Pašticada - It is not all about fish and seafood, Dalmatians are also experts in preparing meat. This dish is all about marinated beef stuffed with bacon and carrots, enriched with wine and cooked for at least 6 hours. It is usually reserved for some special occasions.

  • Peka - Prepared in a fireplace, it is a traditional cooking method under an iron dome covered with embers. It also takes a couple of hours to finish it but it is worth the wait. Octopus or lamb are the most popular choices for peka.

  • Prosciutto - One of the trademarks of Dalmatia, smoked in a different way than any other prosciutto in the world. These thin slices disappear in seconds!

  • Paški sir - Accompanied by prosciutto and homemade bread, this cheese is a must-try. It has no competition, the unique flavor is achieved as a combination of a natural island of Pag and special way of production.

  • Soparnik - name for two layers of thin dough stuffed with swiss chard, parsley and garlic. It was the first Croatian dish that earned cultural heritage status.

  • Fritule - If you have a sweet tooth, this is for you. It is a Croatian festive dessert that looks like mini doughnuts. Warning: they are highly addictive!

  • Rožata - Also included in the list of Croatian heritage dishes, it is a custard pudding that is similar to creme caramel. A hint of lemon gives it a special flavor.


Where to eat in Split

Split has a huge number of restaurants and most of them serve homemade and delicious food. We created a list of places where locals would go to grab a bite!

Restaurants: Fine dining

  • Zrno Soli - This fine dining restaurant is situated in the city marina. The view from the restaurant is absolutely magnificent, it has the terrace overlooking the sea and the town. The view is particularly nice during the evening with all the city light. The food is always fresh and well prepared and a top chef prepares innovative dishes that combine traditional ingredients with a touch of modern gastronomy.

  • Kadena - Located in Zenta neighborhood, it offers wonderful views over the sea and islands of Brač and Šolta. It serves classic and traditional dishes in an elegant way. Their wine list is remarkable, they offer over 400 quality wines. Delicious food, a glass of wine and a fantastic view; what else could you wish for?

  • Dvor - Stunning location, good food and excellent staff; this restaurant has it all. Meat and fish dishes are their specialties, especially when prepared on a charcoal grill. They also have very good desserts.

Restaurants: mid-scale

  • Tavern Fetivi - This is a small family-run restaurant located close to the harbor. Excellent food and a great atmosphere are the most attractive features of this place. The restaurant offers great traditional food and the offer changes with the season. Prices are affordable and the quality is great, that is the reason you should make a reservation, especially during summertime.

  • Villa Spiza - Tiny restaurant located in the old town offers authentic and fresh food prepared in a simple way. Here you can try traditional meals that are prepared in every Dalmatian home. There is a daily menu depending on available and fresh food.

  • Konoba Lučac - The best way to describe this tavern is to mention a cozy atmosphere and homemade food. Here it is not all about fish and seafood, they have a great offer of meat dishes. Enjoy in real Dalmatian food and wine and get the most authentic experience.

Restaurants with a modern touch

  • Artičok - Decorated in Dalmatian but also modern way, it is a beautiful place to enjoy the food. In the artsy interior, they serve delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner from a modern and international menu. Every meal from this unique menu will be an excellent choice. Use your ESNcard here to get a discount!

  • MakroVega - The most popular vegan and vegetarian restaurant in town. Many dishes are vegetarian versions of meat recipes. Every meal here is delicious, healthy and freshly prepared. This place will suit every taste.

  • Corto Maltese - This small restaurant is an oasis for every food lover that has a thing for freestyle food. The menu is playful and it combines local ingredients prepared in a special way. Everything here is original, both the interior and the menu so discover it yourself.


  • Gušt - Located in the city center, for years this pizzeria offers a wide range of quality pizzas. It is a small, but warm and friendly place with reasonable prices. A bit old-fashioned but with a special charm.

  • Bokamorra - This is a newly opened pizza place with an interior design like no other pizzeria in Split. It is a bit fancy and expensive but the high quality makes it a good value for money. They are special for their signature cocktails for each pizza on the menu.

  • Mano Artisanal - Also a new place to eat pizza in the city center, it is not just a pizza place, but a food bar. Italian pizzaiolo guarantees the best pizza napoletana in town. Great atmosphere, fantastic food and incredible service will definitely win your affection.

Something sweet

  • O’š kolač - The name of this pastry shop literally means "Wanna cake?" Most of the cakes are named after local expressions and they are super delicious. It is a small, but a lovely decorated place that surely will put a smile on your face. Sugar magic is happening here!

  • Luka ice cream and cakes - Split has many ice cream parlors but this venue offers something completely new and unique. You can choose between a dozen flavors that change daily, you could find apple pie, caramel cheesecake or even lemon-rosemary and lavender gelato. They are all to die for.

  • Bajamina House of Pancakes - Homemade pancakes with all kind of different fillings- sweet and savory! Here you can find American style and protein pancakes also. In case you cannot find the right combination for you, there is also an option of creating your own version.


Written by: Gabriela Marin