ESN Split is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 with the aim of helping international students who choose Split as a place for their studies. Currently there are around 100 students whom we support by organizing different types of events, travels and activities.

ESN Split currently consists of  47 students volunteers from different faculties of the University of Split and academic backgrounds. If you want to join our team, meet new people and learn new things along the way, we recruit new members every January and September!

Our section, just like any other, is divided into smaller teams, each of which has a specific function. Active members choose among one of the following teams:

  • Party team (Current coordinator: Zvonimir Matuško)
  • Communication team (Current coordinator: Ines Varnica)
  • Travel team (Current coordinator:  Josip Bepo Radić)
  • Social Inclusion team (Current coordinator: Barbara Jurić)
  • Sport team (Current coordinator: Julio Prižmić)
  • Grant team (Current coordinator: Ivan Hrskanović)
  • ICE/Movin' Europe team (Current coordinator: Bruno Pavlović)
  • Human Resources team (Current coordinator: Renato Šikić)
  • ESNcard/Partnership team (Current coordinator: Melani Grubić Mikulić)


In 2019/20, Local Board of ESN Split consists of:

Ivana Filipović as the President

Marin Kraljević as Vice-President

Ines Varnica as Communication Manager

Renato Šikić as Human Resources Manager

Marijeta Blekačić as Treasurer

Ivan Hrskanović as Grant Manager

Both active and non-active members can be a part of something called "The Buddy system".

Buddy system is a specific part of every Erasmus section. A 'Buddy' is an ESN student that helps incoming Erasmus students prior to and during their Erasmus stay. They help out with paperwork, getting around or anything else Erasmus students might need. Every incoming Erasmus student has the right to apply for a Buddy. Upon students' arrival to Split, they are introduced to the Campus, their buddies, and they are provided with all the necessary information regarding their stay here.

During their stay, Erasmus students are engaged in a plethora of activities organised by ESN Split that meets them with a historical background of Split center, beautiful islands in the region and breathtaking coast and blue sea that is mentioned all around the world. Besides visiting islands, exploring the Mediteranean culture and National Parks, they can be a part of events such as pub quizes, MEet My Country, Language Tandem and more. Social Inclusion team takes care of organizing charity events for both Erasmus and locals (Date Auction, blood donating, dog-walking) cooperating with local asociations like Zvono, MoST, Providnost, NO-KILL Animal Rescue Shelter, local Red Cross etc. Party team is in charge of the best themed parties such as Anything But A Cup, Glow in the Dark Party and Slav Squat Party. With all mentioned, our main goal is to make Erasmus' stay in Split unforgettable and life-changing.

Our striving work throughout the years was recognised by the ESN International through these awards: 

Section in the Spotlight award in 2016 (Network Committee)

Movin' Activity of the Month in 2016 

MEekend award (in promoting student mobility, with ESN Zagreb) in 2017

1st place for SeCoSTAR (cooperation with ESN Zagreb) in 2018

3rd place for careerSTAR (Employ Your Skills) in 2018


National events organised by ESN Split so far:

6th National Platform of ESN Croatia (2015)

13th National Platform of ESN Croatia (2018)

3rd Local Boards Meeting (2019)


Our Communication team is constantly working on promoting the section and improving our Instagram profile and Facebook page, both of which you are invited to follow on the following links:



ESN Split is here to guide you through the discovery of Split, an amazing town filled with vibrant people, beautiful scenery, a mixture of traditional and modern, all of which make it a perfect place for your Erasmus stay!