They say: “Once ERASMUS, forever ERASMUS”. It couldn’t be truer. ERASMUS is not simply a study semester or an internship abroad. It’s not just parties and trips as some may state. It’s not only about making your academic career easier. It may indeed be a little bit of each, but ERASMUS actually meant for me was: friends for life and a new home. It’s not merely considering your ERASMUS destination as it if was your new home (which wouldn’t be bad anyway), it is finding your home wherever you travel in the future.

The initial idea of taking part in Erasmus+ programme was firstly proposed to me in January 2015. As I was doing my penultimate year of studies that time it was an inevitably a last opportunity to make that decision of going for studies abroad. Never before I was thinking seriously about me on Erasmus, however for some reason that time I didn’t hesitate long to say “yes”.

Everyone knows that Erasmus is a one time opportunity in life that cannot be missed. But not everyone knows that Erasmus in SPLIT is the best thing than can happen!

After my first Erasmus+ experiences in Northern Denmark, and Catalonia, I knew I had to continue this adventure called “Erasmus”. As soon as I came back from studying in Girona, Spain, I began research about the internships being offered through the Erasmus+ program. After 3 months of continuous web and university database search, I found an internship offer in Split, Croatia. I contacted the company immediately, and I received a reply the following day. I was delighted that they could accept me.