They say: “Once ERASMUS, forever ERASMUS”. It couldn’t be truer. ERASMUS is not simply a study semester or an internship abroad. It’s not just parties and trips as some may state. It’s not only about making your academic career easier. It may indeed be a little bit of each, but ERASMUS actually meant for me was: friends for life and a new home. It’s not merely considering your ERASMUS destination as it if was your new home (which wouldn’t be bad anyway), it is finding your home wherever you travel in the future.

Personally,  I now feel that home is Poland, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Slovenia, France, Spain, Portugal…and of course Croatia too because there is where I spent 9 beautiful months last year. Basically, you become a citizen of the world and, let’s be straight, how can you possibly turn down such an opportunity? You wouldn’t be in your right mind. Please, go ahead, apply, get your scholarship, pack the essential, leave your comfort-zone and start enjoying what will turn into your best semester(s) ever. You won’t regret it!

I suppose I can say it even louder because I actually took part in two ERASMUS programmes and both were in Split (Croatia) which I simply felt I couldn’t abandon after one semester only. ESN friends and excellent location were the key and surely played the main role in my decision. Coincidentally, when I write these lines, I am also in the middle of getting my stuff ready to go see some friends I met in Split, destination: Czech Republic. 

As for my ERASMUS town, I guess I couldn’t have made a better choice: what I found in Split was memorable. Great location with perfect weather all year round, proximity to Bosnia and Montenegro which makes it even more appealing for long weekends away, short distances in town you can always walk even when you’re back from parties, good food and wine, very reasonable costs of living. 

Needless to say at this point, stretch your wings and leave the nest cause it’s about time you had the time of your life! 

Sara Micacchioni