Naša volonterska grupa nedavno je otputovala u Sloveniju, točnije u Maribor, gdje smo imali priliku prisustvovati radionici o liderstvu i učiti od volonterske organizacije ESN Maribor. Putovanje je bilo vrlo uspješno i vratili smo se nadahnuti i motiviran
Are you going to Erasmus soon or consider going? Check out these 5 great tips from an existing Erasmus student to a future one.
11.6.2022. održana je Izborna Skupština gdje je izglasano novo predsjedništvo i koordinatori ESN-a Split za akademsku godinu 2022./2023.
Osvrt na Lokalni trening u Mostaru
I didn’t expect the semester abroad to be that great, but I can say the Erasmus semester was one of the best experiences of my life… Could even be the best.
We all come from different backgrounds and have different perspectives, and I believe that we should be curious, not judgemental towards people from different cultures. And as I have met people from literally entire world, I had gotten a chance to widen m
For all those that are having doubts about applying for Erasmus mobility exchange, I implore you to go for it. This is truly a unique and memorable experience that can only help you along in your life.
My advice to all of you who are thinking about going on Erasmus next academic year is to embrace all the difficulties that might come with studying abroad and be sure that there is always a way how to deal with all issues because you are not alone in this
Culture Week in Split