LINGUA-SOFT d.o.o. is a translation agency that has been present on the market for years, offering written and oral translation services (both certified and uncertified).

We offer translation services for 30 foreign languages, from our offices in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Zadar. We cooperate with a wide network of associate translators from all parts of Croatia.

ESNcard discounts:

  • Translation from English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Slovenian, for 1 card of text, into Croatian – 25% off. Final price is 112,50 kn.
  • Translation from Polish and Czech, for 1 card of text, into Croatian – 15% off. Final price is 150,00 kn.
  • Translation from Lithuanian, for 1 card of text, into Croatian – 10% off. Final price is 225,00 kn.

* For urgent translations (more than 6 cards of text into Croatian during working day) price is increased by 20%.

** The translation deadline does not include the day of receipt and the date of delivery of the text and weekly rest days (weekends and holidays).