Project European coolture+ is the biggest project ESN Split has ever had. This project was held
from March to December 2021. This is one big project where we wanted to connect all
causes: Culture, Education, Environmental Sustainability, Health & Well-being, Skills and
Employability, Social Inclusion. Through this project we involved around 300 young people
from whole Europe that were here for their Erasmus exchange and local young people.



We wanted to promote European spirit, democracy, equality and unity. This project was very
important for us because through these activities we wanted to raise awareness about preventing
discrimination. Activities that we did: cooking for homeless, volleyball tournament, indoor sport
activities, cooking class, trainings, croatian night, hiking to Mosor, Christmas workshop, Art and
wine night, Halloween workshop, sports day, visit to animal shelter, game night, pub quiz. Now I
invite you to go to our Instagram page and see all great pictures from those activities.


Napisala: Karmen Svalina