They say: “Once ERASMUS, forever ERASMUS”. It couldn’t be truer. ERASMUS is not simply a study semester or an internship abroad. It’s not just parties and trips as some may state. It’s not only about making your academic career easier. It may indeed be a little bit of each, but ERASMUS actually meant for me was: friends for life and a new home.

The initial idea of taking part in Erasmus+ programme was firstly proposed to me in January 2015. As I was doing my penultimate year of studies that time it was an inevitably a last opportunity to make that decision of going for studies abroad.

Everyone knows that Erasmus is a one time opportunity in life that cannot be missed. But not everyone knows that Erasmus in SPLIT is the best thing than can happen!

After my first Erasmus+ experiences in Northern Denmark, and Catalonia, I knew I had to continue this adventure called “Erasmus”. As soon as I came back from studying in Girona, Spain, I began research about the internships being offered through the Erasmus+ program.