Everything started on Welcome day when International Relations Office of University of Split and ESN Split gave the most important info about the city, events and university to Erasmus students. Second day was reserved for a City tour during which we showed them the city and talked about its rich history. After the tour, City game was played. In the game Erasmus students were given a number of puzzles which were the locations of the next stop and at the final location the winning team found its prize! On the third day we met all the countries of Erasmus students, their customs and traditions, during the International dinner where no one stayed hungry.

Next day we tested the knowledge acquainted during the first few days of Erasmus and we played EuroQuiz. The best team won a delicious prize! Friday was, of course, a day for the first party of the semester. The theme of the party was – Find your match – with which we wanted to encourage Erasmus to interact and meet each other through a search for their ticket number match that led them to free drinks. And to end the Welcome week in style, we prepared a fun trip for the Erasmus gang on Sunday. They went to the beautiful city of Zadar. Surely they were excited to see all the hidden jewels of this small, yet amazing city and to meet ESN Zadar and their Erasmus students.

Here are some photos to make you jealous you weren't here with us.

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