Hi everyone,
I hope that you are using this time in isolation to work on things that you've been postponing for a long time. What a great time to be an Erasmus, ha?crying

I am currently in Poland isolating in a beautiful city called Łódź which means boat, but they don't have something I miss a lot which is the sea, they still have some other things thoughwink. I came here for an internship in Material engineering in hope to make new polymer material that could be used in medicine, but my research has been stopped as your study. Right now other Erasmus students and I are dealing with living indoors in our dormitory playing beer pong, card games, watching movies and cooking together which I like the most because I have a chance to try so many dishes from different cuisines.



This is my first Erasmus experience and I can say that COVID-19 doesn't make it less fun or acknowledging. I have been here since January and met wonderful people from all over the world, made friendships that will last as long as there are Internet and Ryanair. Although I miss my family, home friends and warm weather, I don't regret being in Poland, living without 'menza' and drinking coffee on Riva. I know that this is a once in a lifetime experience and something that will definitely make me stronger and more independent in every way. yes


My advice to all of you who are thinking about going on Erasmus next academic year is to embrace all the difficulties that might come with studying abroad and be sure that there is always a way how to deal with all issues because you are not alone in this, you will have so many great people around you, all united and connected by the same force called ERASMUS.
Stay positive cheeky


Nikolina Pervan