Once again, Social Inclusion Days were held in period from 29th of April to 12th of May


What are Social Inclusion Days?

An initiative where more than 500 local associations in 40 countries hosted events to bring together international students and local communities through volunteering whilst promoting inclusive mobility programmes.

How it all looked like in Split?

This year ESN Split and its Socal Inclusion Coordinator, Ivana Filipović, have organised 5 different and interesting events – starting from Game of Senses, where participants get to experience, through games, a part of everyday struggles of people with disabilities, to making pancakes and playing board games with people from homeless shelter.

Day 1 - Game of Senses

Life with a form of disability can be quite demanding, so this event was made to raise awareness of all the little things in life that we take for granted. We gathered at Caffe Bar Academia and the contestants played the whisper challenge, mime, they did activities with blindfolds, alias and more.

Fotografija ESN Split.

Day 2 - Paw Day

This day was especially wholesome considering we went to  “NO KILL Sklonište za napuštene životinje Animalis Centrum” animal shelter. They take care of homeless and wounded animals and help them get a new home - they always make sure their animals are healthy, fed and well groomed. Students had the opportunity to play and hang out with dogs, puppies, cats and insanely small kittens that await to be a part of someone's family. We lost count of how many times we visited this shelter and we can't get enough of it. Remember: adopt, don't shop!

Fotografija ESN Split.

Day 3 - Coffee & Chill with Zvono

Association Zvono is one of our long-time friends and we paid a visit to them and hang out with their volunteers and people with disabilities they take care of in everyday life. 

Fotografija ESN Split.


Vertical Gardens Workshop

Producing oxygen and moisturizing the air, plants make a great contribution towards forming healthy climate in closed spaces. But sometimes when we have small interior, it's hard to place enough plants to make their impact relevant. Here come vertical gardens!  We organised this workshop at Kocka to help bring joy and freshness into our houses and we sure are that we made our grandmothers proud with the gardening skills we learned. :D

Fotografija ESN Split.

Day 4 - Pancakes with MoST

Who doesn't love pancakes?! MoST is an organization that takes care of homeless people and funds their shelter through many volunteering actions and markets in the city. Erasmus students got the chance to test their cooking skills and play board games with the homeless. 

Fotografija ESN Split.


To say that all participants are rich with one more life experience is to say the least. When helping the people around us, we all help the world a bit, and ourselves too. If you missed these events and want to join next time or want to see the full gallery of the pictures from events above, make sure to follow up with Social Inclusion activities from us on our Facebook page.

Huge thank you to all our friends at Kocka Club, Academia, NO KILL shelter and ass. Zvono and MoST for making this happen.


written by: Nina Kraljević

Local Webmaster of ESN Split