On Saturday 27th of May 2017. we held our elective Assembly. After numerous reports about international, national and local level we had the opportunity to listen to the candidacies for LB and coordinators positions, as well as to choose ones that will represent our section in following semesters. Here is our newly elected LB and coordinators:

Local Board

President - Petra Kakić, Vice president - Božo Domazet, Treasurer - Matej Kordić, HR Manager - Angela Čelar, PR Manager - Tanja Gušavac


Mov'in Europe - Angela Čelar, ICE - Ivona Brtan, SocialErasmus - Ivana Filipović, Partnerships - Filip Duvnjak, Party & RP - Mario Batinović, Travel - Ivan Ramljak, Webmaster - Miljenko Dujić

We would like to thank our old LB and coordinator on their amazing work throughout last two semesters, especially to our ex president and vice president Josip Radić and Mario Kliškinić on their extraordinary contribution and making our section what it is today! We wish all of the elected candidates good luck in their future work! #THISisESN #ESNsplit #pomalo