When you're on your Erasmus in Split, you definitely want to go and visit some other places in order to meet your temporary home as much as possible. So where could you go to see the area from the local's point of view?


1. Zvjezdano selo Mosor

Whether you're an astronomer or not, you love stars for sure. Who doesn't enjoy their mysterious shine on the night sky?

Not far from Split, near village Sitno Gornje is located an observatory on top of the mountain and you're welcome to come without previous reservation, watch the beautiful view of the whole area, observe the stars and the celestial objects. There are sometimes organized lectures related to astronomy and astrophysics. For any questions or discussions, their animator-astronomer  Mr. Knez is always ready to help. You can get there by the bus number 28 which departs from Sukoišanska Bus Terminal. Visiting Zvjezdano selo Mosor Observatory is possible on Fridays and Saturdays from 5pm till 12pm (during summer) or from 3pm till 10pm (winter time).


2. Radman Mills (Radmanove Mlinice)

Once you visit Zvjezdano selo and you get that feeling of deep connection with nature you will want to go somewhere near river, perhaps amongst the trees. Then Radman Mills are the best place to visit, however, don't say to anybody that we've sent you there because it's kind of a sacred secret of the locals. You can bring your own sandwiches, or visit the nearby restaurant, and enjoy some outdoor activities like badminton or playing frisbee.


3. Omiš

On your way to Radmanove mlinice you will see the beautiful landscape that surrounds the town of Omiš. The place where river Cetina meets the sea, the mountain in the background and lots of trees...sounds utopian? No wonder that Omiš was a host of a music festival called Labyrinth Open, for two years in a row, that gathers a lot of people from all around the world to enjoy the sounds of electronic music while exploring a bit more about the pirate history of the town.

What's worth mentioning - if you're coming in winter, you can get that „Christmasy“ feeling we all love, especially  in a small place named Dolac Gornji, not far from Omiš, where a guy created a Christmas village on his family estate. 

4. Klis, Salona & Malačka – the history

If you're a history lover and can imagine all the past cultures vividly just by passing through the ruins, then you will fall in love with these three locations! Not so far from each other, they are definitely worth visiting. In Salona you can see the history of the Roman Empire in this area, still preserved very well. On Klis, there's a fortress with rich history, dating back to medieval times and is also the place where Game of Thrones was filmed. If you feel adventurous and still not tired, Malačka viewpoint on mountain Kozjak has various historical monuments – medieval church, remnants of Italian army and a monument to the fallen fighters. By the way, it has a breathtaking view!


Image source: croatia.hr

Image source: splitwalkingtour.com

5. Sinj & cave Vranjača

Only 20 minutes away by car is Sinj, a town with probably the fastest growing tourism in the area. And why is that so? More and more people are finding out about the „game“ (it's not a game to them) that is embedded in the souls of their locals – Alka.

It is believed that Lady of Sinj helped their 700 warriors, in 1715, defeat the Ottomans that were almost 100 times more numerous than them. In order to honor their Lady, the competition is held every year on the Assumption of Mary (August 15th). Only men from Sinj area are allowed to ride their horses wearing costumes from the 18th century and it is considered a great privilege to even participate in the tournament. The man who wins is considered the Duke who is the leader of all the other alkars. Even if you're not able to visit Alka, you can still see the history of the town in the Museum of Alka as well as many other attractions.

Image source: croatiaweek.com

On your way back to Split make sure you visit the beautiful and mysterious cave Vranjača –  maybe you even see a bat for the first time!


Tamara Rom