ESN Split works hard to bring the best to the students who had chosen our city as the place to spend a part of their lives in. This year has been, as usual, very active.

This year events had started right after Welcome Week, which took place during the first week of October. Welcome Week is a way of introducing new Erasmus students to the city they will spend the next semester (or two) in. It includes a series of games and events which help them get to know the city better, as well as their new, Erasmus family.

But the fun for ESNers started even earlier, in September, when a great number of new members joined the team. New faces and fresh ideas to help out with organising parties and events of all kind, or simply promoting Erasmus+ as such.

The party lifestyle is what Erasmus is mostly known for and we work hard to bring only the best parties to town! New Erasmus students have to be introduced to the Slav culture, so a Slav Squat party was organised soon after the semester had started. Others, such as the Greek Party we organised this semester, introduce them to different lifestyles. It's all about bringing out their creative sides, with events such as 'Anything but a cup'. Each Erasmus party has a specific theme and that's what makes the parties so unique. From showing them how to squat to teaching them how to tie a toga, we got it all covered!

However, partying isn't all we do!

Being 'the sportiest city in the world', it only makes sense that Split has a lot to offer regarding sports events. Casual visits to football and basketball matches are organised on weekly basis. Sport groups are formed all the time so Erasmus students could lose that extra pound or two they got from visits to menzas.

For those among our students who look for other ways than sport to show off their competitive side, Pub quiz is organised, along with karaoke, which brings out the fun side of competitiveness. In case Pub quiz isn't 'educational' enough, language tandem is another way of showing off skills, or learning new ones while working on upgrading the old ones.

Thursday nights are reserved for  'Meet My Country'. Each week a different country is being represented via presentations, songs, food or anything that crosses their minds. The goal is to focus on cultural exchange. After all, we are all global citizens and it's only fair to meet our neighbours better.

Some of the things we in ESN Split do include not only organising parties, but thinking of means of including the incoming Erasmus students in the life of Split as equal citizens, get them to participate and act.

Each semester Social Inclusion Days are organised. It is all about seeing the world through the eyes of the disabled and raise the awareness by helping others As an overture to Social Inclusion Days this semester blood donating had been organised, followed by other events during the first two weeks of December. It is a month of giving and it has become a tradition for the ESN to give something to the world, be it visiting the animal shelter, volunteering or introducing others to the problems blind people face everyday through the Game of Senses.

ESN volunteers are equally important as Erasmus students and it is of extreme importance to work on their constant improvement and the progress of the section itself, as well as the ESN net as a whole. One way of doing that is the National Platform. Find out more here. :)