This weekend ESN Croatia had their annual 10th National platform. An amazing atmosphere and true ESN spirit were the things that mad it the greatest so far. Also, during the platform new NB and VS was elected and we are proud to present you all of them!

NB: President - Petra Lang (ESN Osijek)

Vice President - Josip Radić (ESN Split)

National Representative - Tajana Mohnacki (ESN Osijek)

Vice National Representative - Nikolina Relić (ESN Zagreb)

National Communication Manager - Vedrana Kovačić

VS: Educational officer - Matea Kladarić (ESN Zagreb)

Mov'in Europe coordinator - Filip Cirkvenčić (ESN Zadar)

Events coordinator - Petra Kerep (ESN Zagreb)

Grants coordinator - Iva Jurjev (ESN Split)